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Fall 2019 Pledge Class Initiated

We are pleased to announce the initiation of our largest pledge class ever has been initiated. On Sunday November 17, 2019, 32 new Delts were welcomed it to Beta Gamma as brothers. In no particular order:

Ryan Adam, Troy Wagner, Justin Sinykin, Luke Kolder, Ross Oglesby, Joey Slicker, Matthew Coletta, Kevin Keck, Samir Srivastava, Nick Geason, Benji Gelfand, Will Langas, Evan Jacob, Eric Cordover, Noah Shidlofsky, Nick Wang, Jakub Bukrejewski, Zach Dickson, David Garrelick, Zev Fagan, Griffin Topel, Joey Masloski, Jaden Zak, Matt Nyhiem, Grey Waedekin, and Harry Panagakis.

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