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Fall 2017 Formal!

This fall, Beta Gamma road tripped down to the windy city for our fall formal. We started our trip at the Shelter for some light breakfast as we prepared our bodies and minds for the upcoming adventure. We then arrived in Chicago in style to the Holiday Inn Mart Plaza. Next, we dressed up and headed out to a nice Mexican-style dinner. After dinner the brothers split up and had fun around the city. Some took tours of the city, others went to clubs, and some may have crashed a wedding back at the hotel. All in all it was a great formal and we are very thankful to the team that put it together (Shoutout to David Berman, Elias Baldino, Gonzalo Perez Jr., Nathan Egert, Sam Peters, Elias Oxman for going above and beyond). It will be hard to top this trip next semester!

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