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Alumni Community

Delta Tau Delta has had a long and fruitful existence at The University of Wisconsin-Madison. Over the past 131 years, the Beta Gamma chapter has developed great men, leaders, and students. The Beta Gamma chapter has a strong history of tradition, brotherhood, and everlasting memories.

We owe our greatness to those who came before us. It is you, the alumni, who developed the Beta Gamma chapter into what it is today. We thank you for your many contributions over the years, both tangible and intangible. Your continued support will guide us to sustained greatness as we move forward to a bright future.

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Brewer's Alumni Events


Each fall, we get together with alumni and go to a Brewers game. It is a great opportunity for graduated Delts to tailgate with some old friends and meet some of the active members of Beta Gamma.

For more information on Events like this reach out to Will Weiblen ( or check the calendar below.

Alumni Events

Contact Will Weiblen at
with any questions

 -Spring 2023 -

Brewer's Game

Sunday, Sept. 17th

Come celebrate the beginning of a new school year and enjoy some good 'ole baseball with the brothers.

BGHC Board meeting

Sunday, October 8th

Homecoming Brunch & Football Game vs. Rutgers (12 Langdon St.)

Sunday, October 8th
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Support Beta Gamma

Click the link to support our Spring Philanthropy Event. Your donations will help us put on an amazing even to raise more money for JDRF. Thank you for your supports.

The Beta Gamma Housing Corporation

Founded in June of 1979, the Beta Gamma House Corp. (BGHC), a (501(c)(2) corporation, has been the owner of the Delta Tau Delta/Beta Gamma Shelter at 12 Langdon Street at the University of Wisconsin since the late 1990s.  Our Board of Directors is comprised of 14 volunteers and very dedicated Delt alumni.  Additionally, the Chapter President, Chapter Advisor, and former board members serve in an ex-officio capacity.

Please contact John Teevan, current Board President, at if interested in joining.

Beta Gamma House Corporation

2022/2023 Officers

Russ Bedalov '75 ET



John Teevan '73 ET
John Mitchell '16

Vice President

Jon D. Birschbach ’87


2020/2021 Directors

Undergraduate President

Riley Mueller '25

Dominic Belmonte ’16

Brian Damp '20

Jerome R. Kerkman ’79 DN/’84 BG

Tom Kuzmanovic ’85

James E. Lampe ’89

Marty Malin ’78 ET

Mike Miller ’89

Joe Moeller '19

Tim Poellmann ’13

Perry M. Scanlan ‘00

Emeritus, James E. Swab ’56

Chapter Advisor

Ryan Ring '19 IP
Image by Patrick Hendry

Delta Tau Delta / Beta Gamma

Chapter Eternal

In Memorial of Beta Gamma Members who have shown devotion to the chapter. May they rest in peace.


Charles Dewitt '51

Auriel Lafond '52

Marvin Malik '53

Donald Morton '55

*Dwight Norman '54

Fred Vanderater '54


Freeman Born, Jr. '54

Stephen Copps '52

Donald Jefferson '58

Alfred Kluge '51

Arpad Masley '47

*Thomas Richter '61


Melvin Nelson '51

Bill Raimer '59

Mel Strand '62


Chuck Anholt '64

Aaron Ayotte '09

Curtiss Bailey '52

Dave Carish '63

Robert Coleman '61

Phil Dressler '41

George Gates '50

James Jude '46

John McGowan '60

Robert Thygeson '57

Jerry Zovne ' 65


Richard Eulitt '49

Gerald Gant '55

William Kuhns '49

Richard Outland '53

Stanley Stitgen '54

Thomas Ullsvik '64

William Winter '51


Nathan Egert '16

John Hetterick '68

Rawson Price, Jr. '57

Charles Spalding '57

Paul Wong '64


Paul Brunkow '51

*Roy O. Gromme '57

Malcolm MacArthur '54

Bill Nikolai '64

Robert Odonnell '48

William Parsons '50


*Orland 'OK' Johnson '52

Lonnie Ostrom '64

John Bacher '53

Charles Forsberg '57

John Goodland '54

William Small '53

Robert Trautman '53

James Quirk '59

Fred A. Logan '67


Erwin D. Jaeger '50

Victor J. Larson '53

Richard A. Schilffarth '53

John "Jack" P. Edl '65

*Served as Directors of the Beta Gamma House Corporation
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If you haven't done so already, join our Alumni Facebook page

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