Humorology, or "Humo" for short, is an annual musical/variety show that takes place at the University of Wisconsin – Madison in April of each year.  Humorology has been a UW - Madison tradition since 1948, touching the lives of students and the community through the friendships that are made, and funds that are raised.

​Each year, over 600 students spend the course of the academic year on a team (cast), writing, composing, choreographing, and directing original mini-musical comedies. This year, nine casts will compete for six spots in the final show. The casts also compete against one another to raise the most money for the philanthropic partners Humorology chooses to donate to that year.

​This competitive spirit has allowed Humorology to donate $185,000 to the Boys and Girls Club of Dane County and the Dane County chapter of United Cerebral Palsy, $195,000 to the Rainbow Project and $234,500 to The Neighborhood House! This past year, we raised over $400,000 for the Badger Childhood Cancer Network!


This years theme is “The Road Less Traveled” and us students have been raising money for the national non-profit organization called Blessings in a Backpack where children in the United States who currently are fed during the week on the federal funded Free and Reduced Meal Program and are at risk of  going hungry on the weekends. Blessings in a Backpack is looking to expand into the Madison community this year, therefore, all our efforts will go towards helping them support children in the Madison Community!


This year Delta Tau Delta is paired with two other fraternities, Sigma Phi and Chi Psi as well as one sorority, Alpha Phi. We have all been working extremely hard to raise as much money as possible and perform the best show we have ever done. If you’re interested in being a part of this transformative journey please consider helping out us Delts in our cast,

My name is Robin Du and I am currently a Junior in Delt. Humorology has been an integral part of my college experience and has been one of my favorite activities that I participate in. I first joined Humorology as a freshman and instantly fell in love for two reasons, aside from the fact that it is an amazing philanthropy that supports incredible causes. First, it gave me an escape from our daily lives. I was able to go to Humorology and forget about any stresses I had with classes, work, or any other extra curriculars; I was able to just be myself and have fun. The second reason was that I made many new friends who I am still good friends with today. You spend so much time with your cast members that you inevitably become very close with everyone. My second year in Humorology I was a director for our cast. Being a director for Humorology is one of the most rewarding experiences I have had in my life. I am now participating in Humorology again as a general cast member. I still love Humorology because of the escape from reality it provides me with and the new people I meet through it. I really wanted to participate in it as an upperclassmen because it provides me with more opportunities to get to know our new members. I enjoy being able to connect with our new members and show them the ropes of Humorology. I can’t picture my Wisconsin Experience without Humorology. Humorology is such an amazing organization because of what it provides for its members, but more importantly because of the impact it has on local organizations through its philanthropic mission. 

Rah Delt


-Robin Du

Humo Director

My name is Miguel Hanson and I am a sophomore this year in Delt. Because of Delt I had the opportunity to be an active member in Humorology last year as a freshman and it completely changed my life for the better. Humo was a way to get involved as a freshman with the Madison community as well as Greek life as a whole. I have made my lifelong friends in humorology and cannot imagine by college experience without doing humo. The amazing thing that I truly enjoyed about humorology was the fact that our casts are filled with individuals from all over the country with different beliefs and views, but we all join together as one for a specific cause. Humorology relieved me of my stresses and made me a stronger, more outgoing individual and I cannot imagine being here at this  university without being a part of humorology. I have connected with individuals I never thought I would have prior to college. This year I have had the honor of being chosen to be a director for Delts cast. Being a director has allowed me the opportunity to be a leader within the fraternity, and has given me a collaborative opportunity to work with other fraternal organizations here at UW-Madison for a common philanthropic goal. I cannot thank Delt enough for giving me the opportunity to receive the rewards humorology has given me that have contributed to my own personal growth. 

Rah Delt

-Miguel Hanson

Humo Director

How To Contribute

AphiDeltLodgeSigPhi!  Any donations to our humo cast would be greatly appreciated! And remember it’s always a great day to be a Delt.


Send to @Adlhumo on the Venmo App

Donate to our crowdchange page


1. Go to the link

2. Click on AphiDeltLodgeSigphi

3. Click donate and general donation

4. Donate any amount you’d like!

Chapter Philanthropy

This past year, Beta Gamma switched our philanthropy to a cause very important to us. We are proud to say that we now donate all philanthropic proceeds to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. Recently, we held our 2nd annual Delt Kickback. This event was a huge success and secured the event as a staple of our chapter. On top of this event, we will be hosting some smaller philanthropy events such as Donuts with Delts, and we are excited to build off of our new spring philanthropy event: Delt’s Next Top Sweetheart.


In addition to our chapter’s philanthropy, we are very proud in our participation in other Greek chapter’s events and campus philanthropy events such as Humorology, where we have won first place twice in the last three years and, most recently, contributed to raising a total of $400,000 for the Badger Childhood Cancer Network!

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