Rush Delt

What you get.

When you attend a rush event at Delta Tau Delta, expect to meet many motivated brothers who are active leaders on campus, and expect them to take the time to truly get to know you, as we expect the same from you.

By recruiting high quality men, we are looking to continue our tradition of being a diverse and outstanding organization. Our house offers great chances for leadership, opportunities in community service, and a wonderful and diverse social life. Our network of friends and alumni also help to provide a support system, which makes it possible for our members to achieve success in college, and in life after graduation.


Nick Geason

OUR Rush Team

These men are dedicated to reaching out to high quality potential new members to ensure a bright future for our chapter. 


Benji Gelfand


Matt Schreier

Matt O Rush Pic.PNG

Matthew Oluyide



Scroll through to find answers to questions frequently asked when going through the confusing rush process.



Here is a map of where our brothers are from! Use it to see if we have any brothers from your area you can connect with. We take pride in our large network across the US. Rah Delt.