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New Delt Dock

One of the most recent developments that has been very exciting for our chapter is the installation of our new, red cedar dock. After pursuing this advancement for many years, all of the brothers are excited to embrace this improved infrastructure. Although we previously did have a dock too, this new dock is longer, more spacious, and has more seating options. These key differences create a great setting for brotherhood and relaxation. Additionally, it offers an improvement to our campus relations, as members of different sororities often enjoy spending time on the dock, which in turn helps influence them to attend our social events and philanthropies. On an individual level, we are very thankful for one of our brothers, Bryce Gildner, who spent countless hours improving and maintaining our dock this summer. More specifically, he constructed a spacious deck area connecting to the foot of the dock to provide more room for brothers to socialize and enjoy the view of the lake. Also, he painted a wooden platform with our letters, ΔΤΔ, and put it up in the deck area, in order to showcase pride in who we are. He went above and beyond in his work, and we are lucky to have him as a member of this chapter. All in all, the installation of the new dock has been a great success, and provides a unique setting that not many Greek Life organizations have the opportunity to experience. We are excited to use it going forward and will continue to strive for excellence in all areas of our fraternity.

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